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Dags’ Short Sword of the Hills

This is a description I wrote for a short sword +1 that can be found in my Blackwald Morlock Den adventure.

Name: Dags’ Short Sword of the Hills

Item: Short Sword +1

Description: A short bladed sword with a templar style crossguard of green tinted gold that reminds you of the color of green grass on rolling hills in the spring. The hilt is wrapped in supple leather and embedded with small stones. The pommel is a simple circle of the same gold as the crossguard.

History: This sword was wielded by Dag the Halfling during an attack on the Halfling burrow of Morrun by a clan of Orcs led by their chieftain Vakthor. The Halfling defenders suffered a great loss when their Mayor was slain early on in the fighting. From the panicked Halflings emerged Dag to take the fallen Mayors place and he led the remaining Halflings to a successful defence and counter attack. Dag was mortally wounded in the counter attack but not before slaying Vakthor and routing the Orcs.


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