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Alak’Tun’s scorpion khopesh

Name: Alak’Tun’s scorpion khopesh

Item: Khopesh +1

Description: This khopesh has a blue tinted ivory handle carved in the shape of an ice scorpion. The head and pincers are the guard, the curved tail forms the pommel.

History: This sword was given to the bandit raider Alak’Tun by the Sultan of the Frozen Wastes Raral Bin Ak’Phar for services rendered by him and his men to the Sultan as a guerllia fighter in the conflict against the infidel besiegers from the south west.

Special: On a natural 20 to-hit roll the sword hisses and injects a deadly poison into the target. The target must save vs. poison or die. In addition, the wielder of the sword has no need to fear scorpions as he is completely ignored by scorpions of all sizes and types.


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