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Auhaits vision

Name: Ahuaits vision

Item: Necklace of Knowing

Description: From the gold chain of this necklace hangs a golden pyramid. Ivory in the shape of an eye is inlaid into the pyramid and set into the pupil of the eye is a disc of banded black and white onyx.

History: Worn by the priestesses of Ahuait, these necklaces granted them the ability to see in the hearts of men. Their uncanny ability to see the hidden truths made them a valuable resource . Often the priestesses were called upon to settle disputes and they were often called upon to settle grave matters when more mundane methods would not suffice. Ultimately this led to their downfall as they dared attempt to reveal the evil and corruption that his rule perpetrated on his subjects.

Special: This item grants Clairvoyance and Detect Lie (as an 8th level cleric caster) while it is worn and the wearer is on ground sacred to Ahuait. When on unhallowed ground the necklace allows the use of Clairvoyance and Detect Lie once each per day.


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