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Hermits hidden waterfall cave and environs

I wanted to practice and experiment with different crass hatching so I drew this in about 30 minutes in pencil and then inked it and and spent about another hour hatching and erasing and hatching and erasing until I got something that looked half decent.

My idea was to have different hatches for man-made areas as opposed to natural areas. I really like the hatch pattern for the man-made areas, I need to practice it more but I like the look. The natural cavern hatch though, that I am not sure about. I think it looks half decent, but does it look to busy? The best place to look is the bottom right corner as it has both hatches transitioning from one to the other.

Thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

PS. I really need to get more creative with these map names.

Map of Hermits Hidden Waterfall Cave and Environs


2 responses to “Hermits hidden waterfall cave and environs

  1. Dyson Logos June 15, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    The main point of the hatching is to provide contrast so the eye can easily follow the map. I think your standard 2-line hatch for the man-made areas is pretty good at this (but should probably make more contact with the lines of the tunnels). The background for natural rock is less high-visibility and thus provides less contrast.

    • Chris June 16, 2011 at 10:18 am

      Thanks for the feedback Dyson. I see your points. I wasn’t sure about the dashed lines for the cave sections but looking at the map again today I can see, as you say, it really doesn’t make it easier to follow the map, if anything it makes it more confusing.

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