Morale Check

RPG Miscellany

Slow posting lately

I have a bunch of posts sitting in my head waiting to get out but I haven’t had time, to many projects on the go 🙂

RPG related items that I am working on are an update to Labyrinth Lord to switch it to an ascending AC, attack bonus, system a la the d20 system. I am going full out and updating all related pages in the Labyrinth Lord PDF itself so I can print them out and have the updates fit seamlessly. I’d like to post this stuff when its done but I need to look into whether or not that is possible.

Along with the above I am working on a “new” character sheet using this sheet (free as of the time I posted this) as a base. Again, once it’s done I’d like to post it but I’ll have to get in contact with its creator first.

I also have a couple maps I have drawn that I need to scan and post.

And lastly, not RPG related, I am working on building a radio control car that communicates via bluetooth so I can drive it with my phone.

Oh and I am preparing for my next game session which is two weeks away yet so I have some time for that!


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