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Name: Österhüssen “the steadfast” or “the loyal”

Alignment: Good

Portfolio: Friendship, loyalty, steadfastness, resoluteness

Symbol: A figure with weapon drawn back to a stone wall

Favored Weapon: Mace

Typical worshippers: Adventurers, those who rely on others for survival, or those facing great challenges or overwhelming odds from which they refuse to back down.


St. Parrik

Name: St. Parrik “the patient”

Alignment: Lawful

Portfolio: Dedication, perseverance, forthrightness, celebration of success

Symbol: Frothing mug in the grip of a rough knuckled hand

Favored Weapon: Cudgel

Typical worshippers: Those in occupations which take much time (construction, fine metal work, craftsmen), pilgrims, anyone celebrating success


This post describes the first of the deities I created that inhabit my campaign world. The format is inspired by the Valtor the Mighty PDF by Brave Halfling Publishing. Valtor is also a deity in my campaign but for the details on him you have to pick up the PDF which is well worth the $1.

Name: Woyra “she of the wild and wide open spaces”

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Nature, balance, and bounty of the land

Symbol: Grey cloud and a lightning bolt atop a grassy field

Favored Weapon: Short bow

Typical worshippers: Farmers, Druids, woodsfolk, people of a carefree, wild, bent