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Turn tracker

I created this for Labyrinth Lord but there is no reason it couldn’t be used for any other role playing game. I use the location section to record where this particular turn tracker is used and then any notes for that location I put in the notes section. Next to Light I note the type of light source the party is using and make a mark where it will run out.  In the wandering monster section (WM) I  make a mark where I need to make wandering monster checks (once a turn, every two turns, what have you).

Let me know if you find this useful.

Word version: Turn tracker
PDF Version: Turn tracker


Labyrinth Lord Screen

I created this screen for Labyrinth Lord after searching around the internet and not finding exactly what I was looking for. Right now it is a 3 page portrait format and I am working on converting it to a landscape format.

Word version: Labyrinth Lord Screen
PDF Version: Labyrinth Lord Screen