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St. Parrik

Name: St. Parrik “the patient”

Alignment: Lawful

Portfolio: Dedication, perseverance, forthrightness, celebration of success

Symbol: Frothing mug in the grip of a rough knuckled hand

Favored Weapon: Cudgel

Typical worshippers: Those in occupations which take much time (construction, fine metal work, craftsmen), pilgrims, anyone celebrating success



This post describes the first of the deities I created that inhabit my campaign world. The format is inspired by the Valtor the Mighty PDF by Brave Halfling Publishing. Valtor is also a deity in my campaign but for the details on him you have to pick up the PDF which is well worth the $1.

Name: Woyra “she of the wild and wide open spaces”

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Nature, balance, and bounty of the land

Symbol: Grey cloud and a lightning bolt atop a grassy field

Favored Weapon: Short bow

Typical worshippers: Farmers, Druids, woodsfolk, people of a carefree, wild, bent

Lost tower of the mad wizard Arghaham

This is an adventure (it’s not very long, probably 2 to 4 hours of play) I created for another game system (Hackmaster Basic) and have converted over to Labyrinth Lord.

The map is most definitely inspired by the work of Dyson Logos over at A character for every game. It is the first map I have ever really tried to “fancy up”. I am fairly happy with it. I think the hatching and little details on the side view came out well, although the hatching on the individual tower floors does not look right.

The intended number of players is 4-6 of levels 2-3, although I haven’t had a chance to run it to test it out yet.

Word version: Lost tower of the mad wizard Arghaham
PDF version: Lost Tower of the mad wizard Arghaham

Map for Lost Tower of the Mad Wizard Arghaham adventure

Combat sequence

* I continue to update this as I try different variations with my groups.

I use a combat sequence that differs slightly from the Labyrinth Lord one:

  1. Players declare any spellcasting.
  2. Initiative: 1d6 is rolled by each side; higher is better.
  3. The winner of initiative acts first. The Labyrinth Lord may check morale for monsters.
  4. Missile attacks occur.
  5. Spells are cast.
  6. Movement occurs.
  7. Melee combat occurs.
  8. Losing side performs steps 4 to 7.
  9. When every side has acted return to step 1.

Not a big difference but having missile attacks occur before spells provides a way for spell casters to have their spells interrupted.

Also, I prefer missile attacks and spells to occur before movement; it creates the opportunity for ranged weapon users to at least get one shot off before the fight comes to them.

Group 1 characters

These are the characters in my Group 1 campaign. Next session a replacement for Sneex will get created, I am hoping for a Halfling.

Sneex and Brann belong to one player, Madge and Lea another. As you can see Madge and Lea’s owner had some hot d6’s that night.

Name: Sneex (Dead)
Class: Thief, Alignment: Lawful
Strength: 12, Intelligence: 11, Wisdom: 6, Dexterity: 15, Constitution: 7, Charisma: 14
AC: 7, HP: 3

Name: Brann Bronzebeard
Class: Dwarf, Alignment: Lawful
Strength: 11, Intelligence: 11, Wisdom: 5, Dexterity: 9, Constitution: 10, Charisma: 13
AC: 7, HP: 8

Name: Madge
Class: Fighter, Alignment: Neutral
Strength: 15, Intelligence: 13, Wisdom: 14, Dexterity: 10, Constitution: 14, Charisma: 7
AC: 6, HP: 9

Name: Lea
Class: Elf, Alignment: Neutral
Strength: 16, Intelligence: 15, Wisdom: 13, Dexterity: 11, Constitution: 11, Charisma: 8
AC: 7, HP: 6

Auhaits vision

Name: Ahuaits vision

Item: Necklace of Knowing

Description: From the gold chain of this necklace hangs a golden pyramid. Ivory in the shape of an eye is inlaid into the pyramid and set into the pupil of the eye is a disc of banded black and white onyx.

History: Worn by the priestesses of Ahuait, these necklaces granted them the ability to see in the hearts of men. Their uncanny ability to see the hidden truths made them a valuable resource . Often the priestesses were called upon to settle disputes and they were often called upon to settle grave matters when more mundane methods would not suffice. Ultimately this led to their downfall as they dared attempt to reveal the evil and corruption that his rule perpetrated on his subjects.

Special: This item grants Clairvoyance and Detect Lie (as an 8th level cleric caster) while it is worn and the wearer is on ground sacred to Ahuait. When on unhallowed ground the necklace allows the use of Clairvoyance and Detect Lie once each per day.

Eloras grace

Name: Eloras grace

Item: Brooch of Shielding

Description: Two small purple sapphires are set into the wings of this exquisitely crafted silver butterfly shaped brooch. Two antennae tipped with tiny reddish-brown stones extend from the butterflies head. The back face of the brooch is inscribed with magical writings (if deciphered they read: “Grace protect beauty”).

History: Crafted for the elven princess Elora before her visit to a human capital city in ages past. Sent as an emissary from her people her father feared for her safety and sought to protect her in every possible way.

Alak’Tun’s scorpion khopesh

Name: Alak’Tun’s scorpion khopesh

Item: Khopesh +1

Description: This khopesh has a blue tinted ivory handle carved in the shape of an ice scorpion. The head and pincers are the guard, the curved tail forms the pommel.

History: This sword was given to the bandit raider Alak’Tun by the Sultan of the Frozen Wastes Raral Bin Ak’Phar for services rendered by him and his men to the Sultan as a guerllia fighter in the conflict against the infidel besiegers from the south west.

Special: On a natural 20 to-hit roll the sword hisses and injects a deadly poison into the target. The target must save vs. poison or die. In addition, the wielder of the sword has no need to fear scorpions as he is completely ignored by scorpions of all sizes and types.

Dags’ Short Sword of the Hills

This is a description I wrote for a short sword +1 that can be found in my Blackwald Morlock Den adventure.

Name: Dags’ Short Sword of the Hills

Item: Short Sword +1

Description: A short bladed sword with a templar style crossguard of green tinted gold that reminds you of the color of green grass on rolling hills in the spring. The hilt is wrapped in supple leather and embedded with small stones. The pommel is a simple circle of the same gold as the crossguard.

History: This sword was wielded by Dag the Halfling during an attack on the Halfling burrow of Morrun by a clan of Orcs led by their chieftain Vakthor. The Halfling defenders suffered a great loss when their Mayor was slain early on in the fighting. From the panicked Halflings emerged Dag to take the fallen Mayors place and he led the remaining Halflings to a successful defence and counter attack. Dag was mortally wounded in the counter attack but not before slaying Vakthor and routing the Orcs.

Blackwald Morlock Den

This is a Labyrinth Lord adventure I created inspired by the Dungeon Creation Game map created by Dyson Logos over at A character for every game. There are a few references to my own campaign setting but I would say it is 95% setting neutral.

I stocked it using the Labyrinth Lord random stocking tables and then added the extra details. I created this adventure a while ago, and if I remember correctly I also pulled from The Dungeon Alphabet.

The intended number of players is 4-6 of levels 1-2, although I haven’t had a chance to run it to test it out yet.

Word version: Blackwald Morlock Den
PDF version: Blackwald Morlock Den